Dual vaccination against IL-4 and IL-13 protects against chronic allergic asthma in mice

Conde E Bertrand R, Balbino Bonnefoy Stackowicz Caillot Colaone Hamdi Houmadi Loste Kamphuis JBJ Huetz Guilleminault Gaudenzio Mougel Hardy Snouwaert JN Koller BH Serra Bruhns Grouard-Vogel Reber LL

Nature Communications

The team of Laurent Reber, together with the Institut Pasteur and the Biotech NEOVACS developed vaccines which target IL-4 and IL-13, to determine if they could help reduce the severity of chronic asthma. In mice, the authors found that vaccination diminished features of chronic asthma such as increased IgE levels and mucus production, and provided suppression of chronic allergic asthma for up to 15 weeks. Using mice that expressed the human forms of IL-4 and IL-13, they found that vaccination suppressed levels of these two cytokines for at least 11 weeks. These results suggest that their vaccination programme may present a long-term approach to treat asthma


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