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THEMIS enhances the magnitude of normal and neuroinflammatory type 1 immune responses by promoting TCR-independent signals

Cui Yang, Gaëtan Blaize*, Rémi Marrocco*, Nelly Rouquié*, Cyrielle Bories, Mylène Gador, Suzanne Mélique, Emeline Joulia, Mehdi Benamar, Anne S. Dejean, Hélène Daniels-Treffandier,Paul E. Love, Nicolas Fazilleau, Abdelhadi Saoudi, Renaud Lesourne.

Copyright: © R.Houmadi and L. Dupré
Caption: Lymphocyte T au contact d’une cellule présentant des antigènes

HIV-1 cell-to-cell spread overcomes the virus entry block of non-macrophage-tropic strains in macrophages

Mingyu Han, Vincent Cantaloube-Ferrieu, Maorong Xie, Marie Armani-Tourret,Marie Woottum, Jean-Christophe Pagès, Philippe Colin, Bernard Lagane*, Serge Benichou*

Copyright: © B. Lagane and V. Cantaloube-Ferrieu
Caption: Multinucleated infected macrophages, after cell-cell fusion with infected CD4+ T cells

The anti-FcepsilonRI antibody MAR-1 depletes basophils and cross-reacts with myeloid cells through its Fc portion

Worrall WPM*, Kamphuis JBJ*, Stackowicz J, Mougel A, Maure E, Pecalvel C, et al.

Copyright: © Jasper Kamphuis
Caption: Mastocyte

Dual vaccination against IL-4 and IL-13 protects against chronic allergic asthma in mice

Conde E Bertrand R, Balbino Bonnefoy Stackowicz Caillot Colaone Hamdi Houmadi Loste Kamphuis JBJ Huetz Guilleminault Gaudenzio Mougel Hardy Snouwaert JN Koller BH Serra Bruhns Grouard-Vogel Reber LL.

Copyrignt: © Eva Conde

Anne-Laure ISCACHE, CNRS crystal medal 2022

Anne-Laure ISCACHE . engineer at Cytometry & Cell Sorting, CNRS crystal medal 2022

Marie ARMANI-TOURRET, winner of the ANRS/SFV 2022 thesis prize

This thesis prize was awarded jointly by ANRS-MIE and SFV during the annual Work in Progress (WIP) meeting of the AC41 “Host/Virus Interactions” on March 22, 2022.

Nadine SERHAN, winner of the GREMI 2021-Michel Chignard thesis prize

  The GREMI prize rewards the author of a thesis that studies inflammation. Dr. Nadine Serhan defended her thesis within the “Neuronal Regulation of the Immune System” team led by Dr. Nicolas Gaudenzio. Her thesis, entitled “Role of interactions between nociceptors...

Thursday, November 18, 2021 – A day of the Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer at Infinity lab

The Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer, organized an open lab day of visit for the Donors to be introduced to the scientific advances made by Dr Elsa Suberbielle, researcher at CNRS.

copyright : Fondation Vaincre Alzheimer

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