Financing partners

Toulouse Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory diseases (Infinity), UMR Inserm 1291 – CNRS 5051 – Université Toulouse III, receives financial support from its managing bodies. The institute is also funded by multiple financing partners :



Octopus Project

As part of the “Regional Platforms for Research and Innovation” call, the Occitanie-Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region has awarded a grant of 2,461,507.00€ for the recruitment of 7 engineers, and the purchase of high-tech equipment necessary for the implementation of the OCTOPUs (for “new tools for the multimodal characterization of the skin”) project. This project, with Michel SIMON (Team 2) as the PI, is a partnership between three private companies (Pierre-Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, BD Biosciences and Bruker) and three public research laboratories (INFINITy, I2MC and TOXALIM). Coordination by GENOTOUL of the involved technological platforms (TRI-GenoToul: cytometry and cell sorting facility and cellular imaging facility of INFINITy; MetaToul: lipidomics facility of I2MC; MetaToul: Analytical Platform for Metabolomics and Toxicology at TOXALIM) will allow structuration and build of an innovative multi-technological and integrated approach for the analysis of skin and skin aging.


This large-scale project is made possible by the significant support and financial commitment of the Occitania / Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region and Europe. INSPIRE is a research platform dedicated to geroscience translational research on biological and healthy aging to identify biomarkers, determine biological age (real age of a person), and work on all the hallmarks of aging. Within the INSPIRE program, Infnity seeks to identify predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets to prevent or reverse abnormalities associated with aging by molecular analysis of innate and adaptive immune system dysfunction since immune cells have a key role to play in healthy aging.