Organization chart


Director: Nicolas Fazilleau
Deputy Directors: Fatima L’Faqihi & Nicolas Blanchard & Jacques Izopet
Administrative manager: Najat Loukh
Executive Assistant: Bénédicte Bénech


Genomic and transcriptomic: Olivier Joffre
Flow cytometry: Fatima L’Faqihi-Olive / Valérie Duplan-Eche
Imaging: Sophie Allart
Immuno-monitoring: Raphaelle Roumieu-Mourez


Human resources
Health and Safety
Technicals services
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Scientific animation committee: Sophie Laffont-Pradines
Gender equality committee: Fatima L’Faqihi and Nicolas Blanchard
Career development committee: Fatima L’Faqihi and Daniel Dunia
Thesis support committee: Sophie Laffont-Pradines
Sustainable development committee: Olivier Joffre



Jean-Charles Guéry
Sex differences in immunity : mechanisms and pathophysiology

Michel Simon
Epidermal Barrier and Keratinocyte differentiation: from normal skin to skin inflammatory diseases

Nicolas Gaudenzio
Neuronal regulation of immune response

Abdel Saoudi & Roland Liblau
Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system : mechanisms and therapies

Remy Poupot & Jerôme Ausseil
Pathophysiology of chronic inflammatory disorders and relate biotherapies

Nicolas Blanchard
Eukaryotic pathogens: inflammation, T cell immunity and chemoresistance

Daniel Dunia & Cécile Malnou
Pathogenesis of viral infections of the developing and adult central nervous system

Jacques Izopet & Bernard Lagane
Viral infection: persistence, host response and pathophysiology

Nabila Jabrane-Ferrat
Immunology of pregnancy and stem cells

Joost van Meerwijk & Olivier Joffre
Integrative T cell Immunobiology

Sylvie Guerder & Nicolas Fazilleau
Antigen presenting cells and CD4 T cell responses

Renaud Lesourne & Loïc Dupré
Integrative mapping of lymphocyte signaling and function

Manuel Diaz-Munoz
Post-transcriptional regulation of the adaptive immune response and tumorigenesis

Laurent Reber
Asthma, Allergy and Immunotherapy