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Worrall WPM Kamphuis JBJ, Stackowicz Mougel Mauré Pecalvel Brûlé Bruhns Guilleminault Reber LL. J A E C S P L

The anti-FcεRI antibody MAR-1 depletes basophils and cross-reacts with myeloid cells through its Fc portion Journal Article

Allergy, 77 (6), pp. 1903-1906, 2022.

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Gaudenzio N, Liblau RS.

Immune cells impede repair of old neurons Journal Article

Science, 376 (6594), pp. 694-695, 2022.

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Congy-Jolivet, N; Cenac, C; Dellacasagrande, J; Puissant-Lubrano, B; Apoil, P A; Guedj, K; Abbas, F; Laffont, S; Sourdet, S; Guyonnet, S; Nourhashemi, F; Guery, J C; Blancher, A

Monocytes are the main source of STING-mediated IFN-alpha production Journal Article

EBioMedicine, 80 , pp. 104047, 2022, ISSN: 2352-3964 (Electronic) 2352-3964 (Linking).

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Yang, Cui ; Blaize, Gaëtan ; Marrocco, Rémi ; Rouquié, Nelly ; Bories, Cyrielle ; Gador, Mylène ; Mélique, Suzanne ; Joulia, Emeline ; Benamar, Mehdi ; Dejean, Anne S; Daniels-Treffandier, Hélène ; Love, Paul E; Fazilleau, Nicolas ; Saoudi, Abdelhadi ; Lesourne, Renaud

THEMIS enhances the magnitude of normal and neuroinflammatory type 1 immune responses by promoting TCR-independent signals Journal Article

Science Signaling, 15 (742), pp. eabl5343, 2022, (Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science).

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Han, Mingyu ; Cantaloube-Ferrieu, Vincent ; Xie, Maorong ; Armani-Tourret, Marie ; Woottum, Marie ; Pagès, Jean-Christophe ; Colin, Philippe ; Lagane, Bernard ; Benichou, Serge

HIV-1 cell-to-cell spread overcomes the virus entry block of non-macrophage-tropic strains in macrophages Journal Article

PLoS pathogens, 18 (5), pp. e1010335, 2022, ISSN: 1553-7374.

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Argenty, Jérémy ; Rouquié, Nelly ; Bories, Cyrielle ; Mélique, Suzanne ; Duplan-Eche, Valérie ; Saoudi, Abdelhadi ; Fazilleau, Nicolas ; Lesourne, Renaud

A selective LIS1 requirement for mitotic spindle assembly discriminates distinct Ŧ-cell division mechanisms within the Ŧ-cell lineage Journal Article

Elife, 11 , pp. e80277, 2022, ISSN: 2050-084X.

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Giang, N; Villeneuve, T; Maire, K; Mejia, J E; Guery, J C; Pelletier, L; Savignac, M

PKCalpha interacts with Ca(v) 1.3 calcium channels to promote the Ca(v) 1.2/Ca(v) 1.3 duo tuning Th2 functions Journal Article

Allergy, 2022, ISSN: 1398-9995 (Electronic) 0105-4538 (Linking).

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Giang, N; Mars, M; Moreau, M; Mejia, J E; Bouchaud, G; Magnan, A; Michelet, M; Ronsin, B; Murphy, G G; Striessnig, J; Guery, J C; Pelletier, L; Savignac, M

Separation of the Cav1.2-Cav1.3 calcium channel duo prevents type 2 allergic airway inflammation Journal Article

Allergy, 77 (2), pp. 525-539, 2022, ISSN: 1398-9995 (Electronic) 0105-4538 (Linking).

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Marty, FH; Bettamin, L; Thouard, A; Bourgade, K; Allart, S; Larrieu, G; Malnou, CE; Gonzalez-Dunia, D; Suberbielle, E

Borna disease virus docks on neuronal DNA double-strand breaks to replicate and dampens neuronal activity Journal Article


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Conde E Bertrand R, Balbino Bonnefoy Stackowicz Caillot Colaone Hamdi Houmadi Loste Kamphuis JBJ Huetz Guilleminault Gaudenzio Mougel Hardy Snouwaert JN Koller BH Serra Bruhns Grouard-Vogel Reber LL. B J J N F S R A F L N A D V P G

Dual vaccination against IL-4 and IL-13 protects against chronic allergic asthma in mice Journal Article

Nature Communications, 12 (1), pp. 2574, 2021.

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Darrigues, Julie ; Santamaria, Jeremy C; Galindo-Albarrán, Ariel ; Robey, Ellen A; Joffre, Olivier P; van Meerwijk, Joost P M; Romagnoli, Paola

Robust intrathymic development of regulatory T cells in young NOD mice is rapidly restrained by recirculating cells Journal Article

European Journal of Immunology, 2021, ISSN: 15214141.

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El Costa, H; Gouilly, J; Abravanel, F; Bahraoui, E; Peron, J M; Kamar, N; Jabrane-Ferrat, N; Izopet, J

Effector memory CD8 T cell response elicits Hepatitis E Virus genotype 3 pathogenesis in the elderly Journal Article

PLoS Pathog, 17 (2), pp. e1009367, 2021, ISSN: 1553-7374 (Electronic) 1553-7366 (Linking).

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Armani-Tourret, M; Zhou, Z; Gasser, R; Staropoli, I; Cantaloube-Ferrieu, V; Benureau, Y; Garcia-Perez, J; Perez-Olmeda, M; Lorin, V; Puissant-Lubrano, B; Assoumou, L; Delaugerre, C; Lelievre, J D; Levy, Y; Mouquet, H; Martin-Blondel, G; Alcami, J; Arenzana-Seisdedos, F; Izopet, J; Colin, P; Lagane, B

Mechanisms of HIV-1 evasion to the antiviral activity of chemokine CXCL12 indicate potential links with pathogenesis Journal Article

PLoS Pathog, 17 (4), pp. e1009526, 2021, ISSN: 1553-7374 (Electronic) 1553-7366 (Linking).

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Blanquart, E; Mandonnet, A; Mars, M; Cenac, C; Anesi, N; Mercier, P; Audouard, C; Roga, S; Serrano de Almeida, G; Bevan, C L; Girard, J P; Pelletier, L; Laffont, S; Guery, J C

Targeting androgen signaling in ILC2s protects from IL-33-driven lung inflammation, independently of KLRG1 Journal Article

J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2021, ISSN: 1097-6825 (Electronic) 0091-6749 (Linking).

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Cenac, C; Ducatez, M; Guery, J C

Hydroxychloroquine inhibits proteolytic processing of endogenous TLR7 protein in human primary plasmacytoid dendritic cells Journal Article

Eur J Immunol, 2021, ISSN: 1521-4141 (Electronic) 0014-2980 (Linking).

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Osma-Garcia, I C; Capitan-Sobrino, D; Mouysset, M; Bell, S E; Lebeurrier, M; Turner, M; Diaz-Munoz, M D

The RNA-binding protein HuR is required for maintenance of the germinal centre response Journal Article

Nat Commun, 12 (1), pp. 6556, 2021, ISSN: 2041-1723 (Electronic) 2041-1723 (Linking).

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Stackowicz, J; Gaudenzio, N; Serhan, N; Conde, E; Godon, O; Marichal, T; Starkl, P; Balbino, B; Roers, A; Bruhns, P; Jonsson, F; Moguelet, P; Georgin-Lavialle, S; Broderick, L; Hoffman, H M; Galli, S J; Reber, L L

Neutrophil-specific gain-of-function mutations in Nlrp3 promote development of cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome Journal Article

J Exp Med, 218 (10), 2021, ISSN: 1540-9538 (Electronic) 0022-1007 (Linking).

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Briand-M{é}sange, Fabienne ; Pons, V{é}ronique ; Allart, Sophie ; Masquelier, Julien ; Chicanne, Ga{ë}tan ; Beton, Nicolas ; Payrastre, Bernard ; Muccioli, Giulio G; Ausseil, J{é}r{ô}me ; Davignon, Jean Luc ; Salles, Jean Pierre ; Chap, Hugues

Glycerophosphodiesterase 3 (GDE3) is a lysophosphatidylinositol-specific ectophospholipase C acting as an endocannabinoid signaling switch Journal Article

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 295 (46), pp. 15767–15781, 2020, ISSN: 1083351X.

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Balbino, B; Herviou, P; o Godon,; Stackowicz, J; Goff, O R; Iannascoli, B; Sterlin, D; Brûlé, S; Millot, G A; Harris, F M; Voronina, V A; Nadeau, K C; Macdonald, L E; Murphy, A J; Bruhns, P; Reber, L L

The anti-IgE mAb omalizumab induces adverse reactions by engaging Fcγ receptors. Journal Article

J Clin Invest, 130 (3), pp. 1330-1335, 2020.

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Meixiong, James ; Basso, Lilian ; Dong, Xinzhong ; Gaudenzio, Nicolas

Nociceptor-Mast Cell Sensory Clusters as Regulators of Skin Homeostasis. Journal Article

Trends in neurosciences, 43 (3), pp. 130–132, 2020, ISSN: 1878-108X (Electronic).

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Hassan, A; Wlodarczyk, M F; Benamar, M; Bassot, E; Salvioni, A; Kassem, S; Berry, A; Saoudi, A; Blanchard, N

A Virus Hosted in Malaria-Infected Blood Protects against T Cell-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases by Impairing DC Function in a Type I IFN-Dependent Manner Journal Article

mBio, 11 (2), 2020, (doi: 10.1128/mBio.03394-19.).

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Lamsoul, Isabelle ; Dupré, Loïc ; Lutz, Pierre G

Molecular Tuning of Filamin A Activities in the Context of Adhesion and Migration Journal Article

Front Cell Dev Biol, 8 , pp. 591323, 2020, ISSN: 2296-634X.

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Azar, P; Mejía, J E; Cenac, C; Shaiykova, A; Youness, A; Laffont, S; Essat, A; Izopet, J; Passaes, C; Müller-Trutwin, M; Delobel, P; Meyer, L; Guéry, J C

TLR7 dosage polymorphism shapes interferogenesis and HIV-1 acute viremia in women Journal Article

JCI Insight, 5 (12), 2020, ISSN: 2379-3708.

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Raymond, Stéphanie ; Piffaut, Marie ; Bigot, Jonathan ; Cazabat, Michelle ; Montes, Brigitte ; Bertrand, Kevin ; Martin-Blondel, Guillaume ; Izopet, Jacques ; Delobel, Pierre

Sexual transmission of an extensively drug-resistant HIV-1 strain Journal Article

The Lancet HIV, 7 (8), pp. e529–e530, 2020, ISSN: 23523018.

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Nayrac, Manon ; Requena, Mary ; Loiseau, Claire ; Cazabat, Michelle ; Suc, Bertrand ; Carrere, Nicolas ; Barange, Karl ; Alric, Laurent ; Martin-Blondel, Guillaume ; Izopet, Jacques ; Delobel, Pierre

Th22 cells are efficiently recruited in the gut by CCL28 as an alternative to CCL20 but do not compensate for the loss of Th17 cells in treated HIV-1-infected individuals Journal Article

Mucosal Immunology, 14 (1), pp. 219–228, 2020, ISSN: 1933-0219, 1935-3456.

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Marion, Olivier ; Lhomme, Sebastien ; Nayrac, Manon ; Dubois, Martine ; Pucelle, Mélanie ; Requena, Mary ; Migueres, Marion ; Abravanel, Florence ; Peron, Jean Marie ; Carrere, Nicolas ; Suc, Bertrand ; Delobel, Pierre ; Kamar, Nassim ; Izopet, Jacques

Hepatitis E virus replication in human intestinal cells Journal Article

Gut, 69 (5), pp. 901–910, 2020, ISSN: 0017-5749, 1468-3288.

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Chen, Qian ; Gouilly, Jordi ; Ferrat, Yann J; Espino, Ana ; Glaziou, Quentin ; Cartron, Géraldine ; El Costa, Hicham ; Al-Daccak, Reem ; Jabrane-Ferrat, Nabila

Metabolic reprogramming by Zika virus provokes inflammation in human placenta Journal Article

Nature Communications, 11 (1), 2020, ISSN: 2041-1723.

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Malviya, M; Saoudi, A; Bauer, J; Fillatreau, S; Liblau, R

Treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis with engineered bi-specific Foxp3+ regulatory CD4+ T cells Journal Article

J Autoimmun, 108 , pp. 102401, 2020, ISSN: 1095-9157 (Electronic) 0896-8411 (Linking).

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Serhan, N; Basso, L; Sibilano, R; Petitfils, C; Meixiong, J; Bonnart, C; Reber, L L; Marichal, T; Starkl, P; Cenac, N; Dong, X; Tsai, M; Galli, S J; Gaudenzio, N

House dust mites activate nociceptor-mast cell clusters to drive type 2 skin inflammation Journal Article

Nat Immunol, 20 (11), pp. 1435-1443, 2019.

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Adoue, V; Binet, B; Malbec, A; Fourquet, J; Romagnoli, P; van Meerwijk, J P M; Amigorena, S; Joffre, O P

The Histone Methyltransferase SETDB1 Controls T Helper Cell Lineage Integrity by Repressing Endogenous Retroviruses. Journal Article

Immunity, 50 , pp. 629–644, 2019.

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Domingo, Cristina ; Fraissinet, Juliane ; Ansah, Patrick O; Kelly, Corey ; Bhat, Niranjan ; Sow, Samba O; Mejía, José E

Long-term immunity against yellow fever in children vaccinated during infancy: a longitudinal cohort study Journal Article

Lancet Infect Dis, 2019, ISSN: 1473-3099.

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Piliponsky, A M; Shubin, N J; Lahiri, A K; Truong, P; Clauson, M; Niino, K; Tsuha, A L; Nedospasov, S A; Karasuyama, H; Reber, L L; Tsai, M; Mukai, K; Galli, S J

Basophil-derived tumor necrosis factor can enhance survival in a sepsis model in mice Journal Article

Nat Immunol, 20 (2), pp. 129-140, 2019, ISSN: 1529-2916 (Electronic) 1529-2908 (Linking).

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Rosa, N; Triffaux, E; Robert, V; Mars, M; Klein, M; Bouchaud, G; Canivet, A; Magnan, A; Guery, J C; Pelletier, L; Savignac, M

The beta and alpha2delta auxiliary subunits of voltage-gated calcium channel 1 (Cav1) are required for TH2 lymphocyte function and acute allergic airway inflammation Journal Article

J Allergy Clin Immunol, 142 (3), pp. 892-903, 2018, ISSN: 1097-6825 (Electronic) 0091-6749 (Linking).

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Souyris, M; Cenac, C; Azar, P; Daviaud, D; Canivet, A; Grunenwald, S; Pienkowski, C; Chaumeil, J; Mejia, J E; Guery, J C

TLR7 escapes X chromosome inactivation in immune cells Journal Article

Sci Immunol, 3 (19), 2018, ISSN: 2470-9468 (Electronic) 2470-9468 (Linking), (In the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric.

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Eissmann, M F; Dijkstra, C; Wouters, M A; Baloyan, D; Mouradov, D; Nguyen, P M; Davalos-Salas, M; Putoczki, T L; Sieber, O M; Mariadason, J M; Ernst, M; Masson, F

Interleukin 33 Signaling Restrains Sporadic Colon Cancer in an Interferon-gamma-Dependent Manner Journal Article

Cancer Immunol Res, 6 (4), pp. 409-421, 2018, ISSN: 2326-6074 (Electronic) 2326-6066 (Linking).

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Houmadi, R; Guipouy, D; Rey-Barroso, J; Vasconcelos, Z; Cornet, J; Manghi, M; Destainville, N; Valitutti, S; Allart, S; Dupre, L

The Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein Contributes to the Assembly of the LFA-1 Nanocluster Belt at the Lytic Synapse Journal Article

Cell Rep, 22 (4), pp. 979-991, 2018, ISSN: 2211-1247 (Electronic).

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Gaud, G; Lesourne, R; Love, P E

Regulatory mechanisms in T cell receptor signalling Journal Article

Nat Rev Immunol, 2018, ISSN: 1474-1741 (Electronic) 1474-1733 (Linking).

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Betourne, A; Szelechowski, M; Thouard, A; Abrial, E; Jean, A; Zaidi, F; Foret, C; Bonnaud, E M; Charlier, C M; Suberbielle, E; Malnou, C E; Granon, S; Rampon, C; Gonzalez-Dunia, D

Hippocampal expression of a virus-derived protein impairs memory in mice Journal Article

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 115 (7), pp. 1611-1616, 2018, ISSN: 1091-6490 (Electronic) 0027-8424 (Linking).

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Colin, P; Zhou, Z; Staropoli, I; Garcia-Perez, J; Gasser, R; Armani-Tourret, M; Benureau, Y; Gonzalez, N; Jin, J; Connell, B J; Raymond, S; Delobel, P; Izopet, J; Lortat-Jacob, H; Alcami, J; Arenzana-Seisdedos, F; Brelot, A; Lagane, B

CCR5 structural plasticity shapes HIV-1 phenotypic properties Journal Article

PLoS Pathog, 14 (12), pp. e1007432, 2018, ISSN: 1553-7374 (Electronic) 1553-7366 (Linking).

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Tauber, Maïthé; Boulanouar, Kader; Diene, Gwenaelle; Çabal-Berthoumieu, Sophie; Ehlinger, Virginie; Fichaux-Bourin, Pascale; Molinas, Catherine; Faye, Sandy; Valette, Marion; Pourrinet, Jeanne; Cessans, Catie; Viaux-Sauvelon, Sylvie; Bascoul, Céline; Guedeney, Antoine; Delhanty, Patric; Geenen, Vincent; Martens, Henri; Muscatelli, Françoise; Cohen, David; Consoli, Angèle; Payoux, Pierre; Arnaud, Catherine; Salles, Jean-Pierre

The Use of Oxytocin to Improve Feeding and Social Skills in Infants With Prader–Willi Syndrome Journal Article

PEDIATRICS, 139 (2), pp. e2 0162976, 2017.


Asrir, A; Aloulou, M; Gador, M; Perals, C; Fazilleau, N

Interconnected subsets of memory follicular helper T cells have different effector functions Journal Article

Nat Commun, 8 (1), pp. 847, 2017, ISSN: 2041-1723 (Electronic) 2041-1723 (Linking).

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Duguet, F; Locard-Paulet, M; Marcellin, M; Chaoui, K; Bernard, I; Andreoletti, O; Lesourne, R; Burlet-Schiltz, O; Gonzalez de Peredo, A; Saoudi, A

Proteomic Analysis of Regulatory T Cells Reveals the Importance of Themis1 in the Control of Their Suppressive Function Journal Article

Mol Cell Proteomics, 16 (8), pp. 1416-1432, 2017, ISSN: 1535-9484 (Electronic) 1535-9476 (Linking).

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Laffont, Sophie; Blanquart, Eve; Savignac, Magali; Cenac, Claire; Laverny, Gilles; Metzger, Daniel; Girard, Jean-Philippe; Belz, Gabrielle T; Pelletier, Lucette; Seillet, Cyril; Guery, Jean-Charles

Androgen signaling negatively controls group 2 innate lymphoid cells Journal Article

J Exp Med, 214 (6), pp. 1581-1592, 2017, ISSN: 1540-9538 (Electronic) 0022-1007 (Linking).

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Yshii, L M; Hohlfeld, R; Liblau, R S

Inflammatory CNS disease caused by immune checkpoint inhibitors: status and perspectives Journal Article

Nat Rev Neurol, 13 (12), pp. 755-763, 2017, ISSN: 1759-4766 (Electronic) 1759-4758 (Linking).

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Joulia, R; Mailhol, C; Valitutti, S; Didier, A; Espinosa, E

Direct monitoring of basophil degranulation by using avidin-based probes Journal Article

J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2017, ISSN: 1097-6825 (Electronic) 0091-6749 (Linking).

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