We are pleased that the FOCIS Center of Excellence (FCE) application from Infinity has been approved by the FOCIS Committee !

The Toulouse Center for Immune-mediated and Infectious Diseases (TOLERANCE) will be coordinated by Infinity with tight links with 5 Departments of the Toulouse University Hospital.

TOLERANCE will be led by 2 physician-scientists from Infinity: Prof Roland Liblau and Prof Laurent Guilleminault. Our proposal is based on the shared vision of scientists and physician-scientists working together at Infinity and the Toulouse University Hospitals in order to accelerate multidisciplinary scientific and clinical innovation and education worldwide. Our Center will be particularly focused on allergy, rheumatology, transplantation, and neuroimmunology. The links between micro-organisms, infectious diseases, immunodeficiency and clinical immunology will also be a major focus of our FCE.




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