Aurora Pignata, post-doctoral researcher in team 4 at INFINITY, is one of the 35 winners of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Young Talents French prize for women and science, 2023 edition. The Prize has been established in 2007 and aims to bring visibility, give support and promote brilliant doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. This year, 20 doctoral and 15 post-doctoral researchers were selected in France from 618 applications by a jury of excellence made up of 32 researchers from the Academy of Sciences chaired by Professor Patrick Flandrin, Research Director at the CNRS and outgoing President of the Academy of Sciences in France. Aurora’s project, in collaboration with Frederick Masson and Roland Liblau, aims to better understand the development and contribution of tissue resident T lymphocytes in chronic inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis. Her work has put on evidence the pro-inflammatory and pathogenic role of tissue resident T lymphocytes in a model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis




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