Epidermal barrier and keratinocyte differentiation: from normal skin to skin inflammatory diseases

Coordinator : M. SIMON

Scientific objectives


Terminal differentiation of the epidermis is an oriented process during which keratinocytes sequentially turn on and off a series of specific genes in the course of their migration to the external surface of the skin, through the spinous and granular layers. The ultimate step, or cornification, is a genuine process of programmed cell death which results in dramatic structural changes and degradation of the nucleus and cellular organelles, leading to the formation of corneocytes. These cells form the outermost cornified layer of the epidermis. Both the granular and cornified layers allow the epidermis to perform its vital function of multiple barrier between the individual and his environment through their involvement in innate immunity, their high mechanical strength, and their ability to detoxify reactive oxygen species, to limit water loss, to reduce the penetration of UV radiation and to prevent the infiltration of allergens and microorganisms.

From several decades, the objective of our team is to decipher, at the molecular level, the keratinocyte terminal differentiation program, and to know how it is impacted by the environment, and how its impairment induces skin and hair conditions. Thus our work is a continuum between basic research and translational studies. We particularly focus on ichthyoses and inflammatory diseases, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. In industrialized countries, the latter affect up to 20% of children and 10% of adults. They therefore represent a huge burden on health care.



Overview of our research

Our Projects

Molecular mechanisms of lamellar body biogenesis and secretion.

The epidermal barrier functions rely on the secretion by granular keratinocytes of the contents of tubulo-vesicular cytoplasmic structures related to lysosomes, derived from the Golgi apparatus, and called lamellar bodies. Lamellar bodies contain various enzymes, including lipases and proteases, anti-microbial peptides, corneodesmosin and lipids. Our aim is to decipher the molecular mechanisms involved in lamellar body biogenesis, trafficking and delivery.


In particular, we investigate the role of Rab family GTPases, cytoskeleton components, as well as the related signaling pathways. In previous reports, we have shown that the Rab11A GTPase and the Myosin5B actin-dependent motor are crucial for lamellar body biogenesis and trafficking. In our ongoing work, we take profit of a unique in vitro experimental model, 3D reconstructed human epidermis where gene modulation can be performed:  either down regulation by using RNA interference or overexpression of mutant sequences by using vectors allowing granular keratinocyte-specific expression. Our biological read-out is currently based on biochemical studies, photonic and electronic imaging, and functional assays.







Coordinator: Dr Corinne Leprince

Lipid metabolism and epidermal barrier: from the identification of mutated genes in Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyoses to the patients’ treatment.

Inherited ichthyoses are rare monogenic diseases (prevalence 13.3 per million people in Europe) that occur at birth. They cause abnormal thickening of the skin, dryness, scaling, redness, itching and painful skin fissures involving life-long disfigurement and social ostracism. All forms of ichthyosis lead to a defective epidermal barrier. Recent researches on genes causing Autosomal Recessive Congenital Ichthyoses (ARCI) highlighted the essential role of lipids from the stratum corneum, in particular ceramides, in the epidermal permeability barrier.

Our aim is to better understand the molecular basis of this lipid-based permeability barrier in healthy skin and its impairment in ichthyoses. We are studying enzymes involved in the metabolism of skin ceramides and hope to decipher their subcellular localization and regulation. We particularly focus on PNPLA1 and LIPN, encoded by two ARCI-causing genes.







Another part of our goal is the pre-clinical development of targeted therapies to treat ichthyoses. The topical replacement of the missing lipid is a promising approach to improve the defective permeability barrier encountered in ARCI. We are developing, in an international multidisciplinary collaboration with chemists and experts in skin lipids, innovative substitution systems based on skin-identical lipids encapsulated in nanostructured formulations that will be validated for rescuing the epidermal barrier using pre-clinical in vitro and animal models of ichthyosis.

We also closely collaborate with dermatologists from the South Reference Center for Rare Skin and Mucous Membrane Diseases (recruitment of patients, clinical expertise in ichthyosis) and biologists (molecular diagnosis) at the Toulouse University Hospital. We have access to a large collection of biological samples from patients with ichthyosis and perform clinical and genetic studies to expand the knowledge of the molecular bases of ARCI and help to better define the patient’s characteristics. We also aim to identify undescribed ARCI-causing genes and potentially novel actors involved in lipid metabolism by combine approaches using next generation sequencing and bio clinical analyses.


To achieve all these projects, we benefit from our longstanding experience in the analysis of the epidermal barrier at the functional and molecular levels and we are currently developing high-performance organotypic models of ichthyoses by genome editing and 3D-culture of human keratinocytes.

Coordinator: Dr Nathalie Jonca

Atopic Dermatitis: pathophysiology, epidermal barrier dysfunctions and treatments.

Atopic Dermatitis (AD) pathogenesis results from complex interactions between genetic, immunological and environmental factors. But the primary defect that drives this type 2 immune disease remains controversial. A major discovery has been that loss-of-function mutations in FLG gene are the strongest known genetic risk factor for AD. Indeed, FLG encodes filaggrin, an epidermal protein specifically expressed by differentiated keratinocytes, and essential for the epidermal barrier function. This strongly indicates that skin barrier defects play a key role in the disease, enhancing the penetration of allergens and microbes through the epidermis and systemic IgE sensitization. Our aim is to better understand the relationship between the epidermal barrierdysfunction and the environmental factors in AD, and how this may help to identify new treatments. More specifically:

1) Using biochemical in vitro assays, reconstructed human epidermis, and mouse models, we focus on the enzymes (proteases, peptidyl-arginine deiminases (PADs), etc.) involved in the complex metabolism of filaggrin and of other proteins of the S100-fused type protein family, some of them being also associated with epidermal barrier dysfunction in AD. We study how keratinocytes adapt their filaggrin metabolism to the external environment, in particular the relative humidity level.




2) Pr Marie-Christine Cadiergues from the Dermatology Department of the National Veterinary School of Toulouse and Michel Simon detail the canine AD at the molecular level, since they believe that the dog disease may be a good model for the human one. Indeed, human and canine AD share many clinical characteristics, in particular spontaneous occurrence. They also develop canine skin models, to confirm pathophysiological hypotheses and test therapeutics, both for veterinary and human medicine.



3) In collaboration with the Ophthalmology and Dermatology Departments of Toulouse Hospital and the National Reference Center for Keratoconus, we have the opportunity i) to investigate, combining transcriptomic analysis and clinical characterization, why the development of severe conjunctivitis is the major adverse effect of Dupilumab, an anti-IL4/13 receptors used to treat AD patients; and ii) to test the hypothesis that corneal epithelium defects are involved in Keratoconus pathogenesis (a rare disease whose frequency is, for unknown reason, strongly enhanced in AD patients) and not only a consequence of stromal deformation.


4) In a multi-disciplinary (chemists, cell biologists and immunobiologists) collaborative work with R Poupot (Infinity Institute) and two other CNRS teams in Toulouse, we test the possibility to use original anti-inflammatory dendrimers as drugs for topical treatment of inflammatory skin diseases including severe forms of AD and psoriasis.

Coordinator: Dr Michel Simon


Other information



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National collaborations:

Dr N. GAUDENZIO, Institut Infinity, Toulouse

Dr N. FAZILLEAU, Institut Infinity, Toulouse

Pr R. POUPOT, Institut Infinity, Toulouse

Pr B. VELAS, Gérontopole, CHU de Toulouse

Pr N. MERBAHI, Laboratoire LAPLACE, Toulouse

Dr V. PLANAT, Laboratoire RESTORE, Toulouse

Pr T. LEVADE, Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Dr C.-O. TURRIN, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, Toulouse

Dr M. BLANZAT, Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique, Toulouse

Dr S. BESSOU-TOUYA et Dr H. DUPLAN, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, Toulouse

Dr P. DESCARGUES, Genoskin, Toulouse

Dr M. HAFTEK, Université Lyon 1, Lyon

Dr D. PIN, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon

Dr S. PAIN, BASF Beauty Care Solutions France, Lyon

Pr B. VABRES, Service d’Ophtalmologie, CHU de Nantes

Dr D. BERNARD, L’Oréal, Paris

International collaborations:

Pr Y. POUMAY, Laboratoire de physiologie moléculaire (URPHYM), Université de Namur, Belgique

Dr S. KEZIC, University of Amsterdam, Coronel Institute of Occupational Health, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr J. LYSELL, Dermatology and Venereology division, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden

Pr R. BETZ, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Bonn, Germany

Pr R. SANDHOFF, Department of Cellular and Molecular Pathology, German CanCer Research Centre (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany

Pr G. SOTIROPOULOU, Department of Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, University of Patras, Greece

Pr L. OPALKA, Department of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Pr E. SPRECHER, Department of Dermatology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Pr P. THOMPSON Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

European Epidermal Barrier Research Network (E2BRN ; www.e2brn.net)


Impact on the society

Our team aims to decipher the molecular determinants of this physical, biochemical and immunological barrier to the external environment that is the epidermis. At the same time, we try to understand how alterations in the epidermal barrier are responsible for several skin diseases, some very rare such as ichthyoses, others very common such as eczema. The ultimate goal is to discover new treatment options. To do this, we develop innovative experimental models and collaborate with clinical services and two Rare Disease Reference Centre at the Toulouse University Hospital.

Our team is made up of statutory and young CDD staff from a wide range of backgrounds (medical, scientific, veterinary, academic, school of engineering, etc.). It is based on complementary expertise in immunology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. The resulting scientific environment allows fundamental and translational research to be developed.

We enjoy a strong international visibility in the field of dermatology. We were able to build a vast network of national, European and non-European academic collaborations, and multiple partnerships with major industrial groups (Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique, L’Oréal and BASF) and local private companies (Silab, Synelvia, Genoskin, etc.). Several patents are also operated under license with royalties that contribute to the financing of our research. These interactions with the industrial world and our projects with high valuation potential are strongly supported by Inserm Transfert, Toulouse Tech Transfer and the Occitanie/ Pyrénées – Méditerranée Region.

Many of us actively participate in the teachings of the Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, and we regularly form to the research careers young scientists, PhD students and trainees of all levels.


PhD Students:
  • Véronique Adoue
  • Laura Cau
  • Fanny Coudane
  • Sophie Garrido-Lagarrigue
  • Julie Henry
  • Marina Le Lamer
  • Émilie Leclerc
  • Tatiana Lupasco
  • Alicia Mallet
  • Nicolas Mattuzzio
  • Laurence Pellerin
  • Marie Reynier
  • Eve Toulza
  • Sara Zaafouri

Post-Doctoral Fellow:
  • Cécile Caubet
  • Chiung-Yueh Hsu
  • Sohna Keita Alassane
  • Rachida Nachat
  • Valérie Pendaries
  • Mélanie Pichery





Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier

Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier

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Agence Nationale de la Recherche

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Société Française de Dermatologie (SFD)

Société Française de Dermatologie (SFD)

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Société Française d’Allergologie (SFA)

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European Barrier Epidermal Research Network (E2BRN)

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Centre de référence du kératocône