Many researchers from Infinity are involved in the celebration of the “Year of Biology 2021-2022”, coordinated by the INSB and the Ministry of Education.

The Petit illustré booklet, dedicated to Life sciences, has just been co-edited by the CNRS and the “Dépêche du Midi”. Among the authors, several Infinity researchers have contributed, notably Daniel Dunia, who was member of the scientific council for the Petit Illustré, but also Véronique Adoue, Anne Astier, Nabila Jabrane-Ferrat,  Sophie Laffont-Pradines, Frédéric Masson and Elsa Suberbielle who all wrote articles that can be found in this issue of the Petit Illustré.

Moreover, Daniel Dunia and Jean-Charles Guéry will participate to a series of conferences planned in 2022.

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