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Bernard-Valnet, Raphaël; Frieser, David; Nguyen, Xuan Hung; Khajavi, Leila; Quériault, Clémence; Arthaud, Sébastien; Melzi, Silvia; Fusade-Boyer, Maxime; Masson, Frederick; Zytnicki, Matthias; Saoudi, Abdelhadi; Dauvilliers, Yves; Peyron, Christelle; Bauer, Jan; Liblau, Roland S

Influenza vaccination induces autoimmunity against orexinergic neurons in a mouse model for narcolepsy Journal Article

In: Brain, vol. 145, no. 6, pp. 2018–2030, 2022, ISSN: 1460-2156.

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Kamphuis JBJ Worrall WPM, Stackowicz J

The anti-FcεRI antibody MAR-1 depletes basophils and cross-reacts with myeloid cells through its Fc portion Journal Article

In: Allergy, vol. 77, no. 6, pp. 1903-1906, 2022.

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Nicolas Gaudenzio, Lilian Basso

Mast cell-neuron axis in allergy Journal Article

In: Curr Opin Immunol ., vol. 77, no. 102213, pp. 1-6, 2022.


Gaudenzio N, Liblau RS.

Immune cells impede repair of old neurons Journal Article

In: Science, vol. 376, no. 6594, pp. 694-695, 2022.

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Gaudenzio, Nicolas; Liblau, Roland S

Immune cells impede repair of old neurons Journal Article

In: Science, vol. 376, no. 6594, pp. 694–695, 2022, ISSN: 1095-9203.

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JBJ, Kamphuis; LL, Reber; H, Eutamène; V, Theodorou

Increased fermentable carbohydrate intake alters colonic mucus barrier function through glycation processes and increased mast cell counts. Journal Article

In: FASEB J, 2022.

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Hohlfeld, Reinhard; Liblau, Roland S

Toward identification of personalized immunological profiles in multiple sclerosis Journal Article

In: Sci Adv, vol. 8, no. 17, pp. eabq4849, 2022, ISSN: 2375-2548.

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Frieser, David; Pignata, Aurora; Khajavi, Leila; Shlesinger, Danielle; Gonzalez-Fierro, Carmen; Nguyen, Xuan-Hung; Yermanos, Alexander; Merkler, Doron; Höftberger, Romana; Desestret, Virginie; Mair, Katharina M; Bauer, Jan; Masson, Frederick; Liblau, Roland S

Tissue-resident CD8 T cells drive compartmentalized and chronic autoimmune damage against CNS neurons Journal Article

In: Sci Transl Med, vol. 14, no. 640, pp. eabl6157, 2022, ISSN: 1946-6242.

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L, Guilleminault; E, Conde; LL., Reber

Pharmacological approaches to target type 2 cytokines in asthma. Journal Article

In: Pharmacol Ther, 2022.

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Kreutmair, Stefanie; Unger, Susanne; Núñez, Nicolás Gonzalo; Ingelfinger, Florian; Alberti, Chiara; Feo, Donatella De; Krishnarajah, Sinduya; Kauffmann, Manuel; Friebel, Ekaterina; Babaei, Sepideh; Gaborit, Benjamin; Lutz, Mirjam; Jurado, Nicole Puertas; Malek, Nisar P; Goepel, Siri; Rosenberger, Peter; Häberle, Helene A; Ayoub, Ikram; Al-Hajj, Sally; Nilsson, Jakob; Claassen, Manfred; Liblau, Roland; Martin-Blondel, Guillaume; Bitzer, Michael; Roquilly, Antoine; Becher, Burkhard

Distinct immunological signatures discriminate severe COVID-19 from non-SARS-CoV-2-driven critical pneumonia Miscellaneous

2022, ISSN: 1097-4180.

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Nicoli, Francesco; Cabral-Piccin, Mariela P.; Papagno, Laura; Gallerani, Eleonora; Fusaro, Mathieu; Folcher, Victor; Dubois, Marion; Clave, Emmanuel; Vallet, Hélène; Frere, Justin J.; Gostick, Emma; Llewellyn-Lacey, Sian; Price, David A.; Toubert, Antoine; Dupré, Loïc; Boddaert, Jacques; Caputo, Antonella; Gavioli, Riccardo; Appay, Victor

Altered Basal Lipid Metabolism Underlies the Functional Impairment of Naive CD8+ Ŧ Cells in Elderly Humans Journal Article

In: J Immunol, vol. 208, no. 3, pp. 562–570, 2022, ISSN: 1550-6606.

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Galoppin, Manon; Kari, Saniya; Soldati, Sasha; Pal, Arindam; Rival, Manon; Engelhardt, Britta; Astier, Anne; Thouvenot, Eric

Full spectrum of vitamin D immunomodulation in multiple sclerosis: mechanisms and therapeutic implications Journal Article

In: Brain Commun, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. fcac171, 2022, ISSN: 2632-1297.

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Corral, D.; Charton, A.; Krauss, M. Z.; Blanquart, E.; Levillain, F.; Lefrancais, E.; Sneperger, T.; Vahlas, Z.; Girard, J. P.; Eberl, G.; Poquet, Y.; Guery, J. C.; Arguello, R. J.; Belkaid, Y.; Mayer-Barber, K. D.; Hepworth, M. R.; Neyrolles, O.; Hudrisier, D.

ILC precursors differentiate into metabolically distinct ILC1-like cells during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Journal Article

In: Cell Rep, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 110715, 2022, ISSN: 2211-1247 (Electronic).

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Bost, C.; Arleevskaya, M. I.; Brooks, W. H.; Plaza, S.; Guery, J. C.; Renaudineau, Y.

Long non-coding RNA Xist contribution in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis Journal Article

In: Clin Immunol, vol. 236, pp. 108937, 2022, ISSN: 1521-7035 (Electronic) 1521-6616 (Linking).

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Blanquart, E.; Mandonnet, A.; Mars, M.; Cenac, C.; Anesi, N.; Mercier, P.; Audouard, C.; Roga, S.; Serrano de Almeida, G.; Bevan, C. L.; Girard, J. P.; Pelletier, L.; Laffont, S.; Guery, J. C.

Targeting androgen signaling in ILC2s protects from IL-33-driven lung inflammation, independently of KLRG1 Journal Article

In: J Allergy Clin Immunol, vol. 149, no. 1, pp. 237-251 e12, 2022, ISSN: 1097-6825 (Electronic) 0091-6749 (Linking).

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Marie-Noelle; Bensefa-Colas Crépy, Linda; Aubin; of Allergology; French Society of Pediatrics, Venereology; French Society; of Occupational Medicine;, French Society

Vocational Guidance for Young Patients with Atopic Dermatitis: A Survey of Physicians' Opinions and Practices. Journal Article

In: Acta Derm Venereol. , 2022.

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Eloi; Planells Debourdeau, Gabriel; Chamard

New Keratoconus Risk Factors: A Cross-Sectional Case-Control Study. Journal Article

In: J Ophthalmol. , 2022.

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Audrey; Bellon Lasek, Nathalie; Mallet

Effectiveness and safety of dupilumab in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children (6-11 years): data from a French multicentre retrospective cohort in daily practice. Journal Article

In: J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol., 2022.

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Vincent; Mosca Bruet, Marion; Briand

Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Antipruritic Drugs in the Control of the Most Frequent Pruritic Skin Diseases in Dogs. Journal Article

In: Vet Sci. , 2022.

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Line-Alice; Combarros Lecru, Daniel; Moog

Multiplex Cytokine Analyses in Ear Canals of Dogs Suggest Involvement of IL-8 Chemokine in Atopic Otitis and Otodectic Mange-Preliminary Results. Journal Article

In: Animals (Basel). , 2022.

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